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lord of the rings games How to paint Siege Ladders!
by Flinch

Whether you are building an army of Siege Troops, or simply a Uruk-hai Diorama, these Siege Ladders add a reality to your army.

After base coating your ladders with Chaos Black, go ahead and cover the wooden areas with Bestial Brown, lightly, making sure to leave the details as you see fit.

Now you're just a coat of Boltgun Metal away from an all out war on Helm's Deep, cover the spiked tops of the ladders with Boltgun Metal then lightly paint the bolts and attachments of the ladders to ensure a good detailed look, now simply let that dry and send your Uruk-hai up the Deeping Wall!

Painted a miniature already? Have pictures? Send them in! We'll feature them in our Games' Workshop customs gallery! Just drop em to and we'll put the best models up for all to enjoy.


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