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lord of the rings games How to paint Sauron!
by Flinch

Let's take a look at how one goes about painting the Sauron model from Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings Tabletop Battle Game!

First we prepare the model by spraying a coat of Black Spray paint prior to painting, now we apply a coat of Chainmail to his chest plating.

Now we'll do Sauron's helmet with another coat of Chainmail, making sure not to get any paint in the eye socket or along the slits covering his mouth.

Using the dry brush technique, we lightly paint a coat of Chainmail over Sauron's cloak, bringing out emphasis to the raised edges of his costume.

Using the same Dry Brush technique we apply a heavier coat of paint to Sauron's legs, arms and mace, bringing out the raised details but also applying a small ammount of paint to the flat pieces.

Now comes a very vital part of this paint job, his chainmail. Using Chainmail [heh get it?] we dry brush as light of a coat as humanly possible onto the mail hanging from his waste and around his neck.

This part is optional, but I think it adds a certain flair to your Sauron model. Take one part Snakebite Leather, and two parts Chainmail, and mix them into a color that will resemble gold. Now you can apply a small portion to the ring on his finger, and use it to draw out more detail in his cloak and armor by lightly dry brushing areas with lots of details. This process will give extra life to your model.

That's it! Your Sauron is ready to take on those pesky last alliance elves!

Painted a miniature already? Have pictures? Send them in! We'll feature them in our Games' Workshop customs gallery! Just drop em to and we'll put the best models up for all to enjoy.


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