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The Pond of Fire

A Scenario by Stephen Grant

    The flicker of a distant fire danced on the horizon of the plains of Rohan as the Royal Guard moved at a quickened pace. Theodar, Captain of the Guard, had seen this a hundred times in the past few weeks as the orcs and wild men rampaged through the countryside. At his side was his eldest son, Theodur, a captain in his own right, and just as able a warrior as his proud father. They had been instructed by the king himself to scour the countryside for any refugees and bring them safely back to the fortress of Helms Deep.

    Theodar remembered suddenly that he was near the Holstrom Settlement. They had a beautiful grove of trees encircling a large pond full of Mithrilback fish and large bullfrogs. It was a place he had been to many times as a Rider of the Mark. He now felt the urgency well up in him as he knew where that fire was coming from. The Holstroms were good people and they deserved a better fate than dying at that hands of a Dunlending or orc.

    "Press hard, men!", he shouted to his calvary and infantry. There are good people in need of our help. The infantry double-paced and the calvary rode ahead to view the situation. Theodar came over the hill as the night sky was illuminated by the raging fire of the Holstrom's cottage. The light of the fires reflected on the water so as to create an image of the pond ablaze. Stuck in the middle of the pond was Holstrom, his wife and their three daughters. Holstrom was wading in the water up to his chest as his wife and three girls were in a small row boat. Around the pond were Dunlendings and the bloodthirsty berserkers. The wild men were laughing uproarously as they taunted the family in their harsh tongue. All the while, the berserkers were burning the Holstrom home and hacking up the families small selection of livestock.

    "Father, we have no time to wait for our infantry, we must save those people!", exclaimed Theodur. "To arms, men, let not one of these murderers live to see another morning in Rohan!", Theodar cried. For Rohan!!!! As the Royal Guard charged down the hill the Dunlending War Chief called to his men and the berserkers to wade into the pond and kill the family. He then turned to meet the charge of the hated forgoils!


In this scenario, the Rohan Royal Guard are trying to save a family from being killed by a force of Dunlendings and berserkers. The family is stuck in the middle of a large shallow pond in a boat as the evil troops burn their home. Holstrom himself is in the water as there is no room in the small row boat for the entire family.
On the Good side is Theodar and Theodur, both Rohan Captains who are mounted with armor, shield, and throwing spears. With them are 12 Mounted Rohan Royal Guard with throwing spears and 10 Rohan Royal Guard Infantry with throwing spears. Holstrom and his wife count as normal Rohan troopers in terms of their stats. They are both armed with hand weapons.

On the Evil side are 2 Dunlending Captains, 25 Dunlendings, and 9 Berserkers
Points Match
This scenario may be played with a maximum of 500 points per side, with no more than 33% of either side with missile weapons.
Played on a 48" by 48" table, with a pond taking up 24" in circumference in the middle of the table. A large sheet of blue felt or even a blue bath towel would work perfect to represent the pond. In the north east corner of the table there should be a model to represent the Holstrom house. Along side the house and in each corner of the table is a matching grove of trees.
Starting Positions
Good side
Theodar, Theodur, and the 12 Mounted Royal Guard start at the southern edge of the table approimately 12" from the edge of pond. The Holstrom family is dead center in the middle of the pond with Holstrom himself outside of the boat wading in the water. Holstrom can push the row boat through the water at 3" per turn. He will move as far away from enemy troops as possible when they enter the pond. The 10 Royal Guard Infantry will enter from the East side of the board on turn 2.

Evil side
A Dunlending Chieftain, 5 berserkers, and 16 Dunlendings are at the southern shore and will attempt to stop the royal guards charge. The other Dunlending Chieftain is on the eastern shore of the pond with the other 9 Dunlendings. On the North-Western shore of the pond are the remaining 4 berserkers. As soon as the battle begins, the 4 berserkers and the Dunlending Captain with 9 Dunlendings will spread out along the edge of the pond and try to cut off and kill the Holstrom family. All movement of troops in the pond is half as they are wading in up to their chests. The horses also suffer from half movement.
The objective of the Good side is to save the Holstrom family from being killed by the Evil troops. If Holstrom and his family make it to the shore they will attempt to flee the battlefield via the safest route. The Good side wins if it can prevent the deaths of any of the family members. The Evil side wins if it can kill the entire Holstrom family. If the family escapes the battlefield with less than three members, the Evil side will force a draw.
Special Rules
The Mounted Royal Guard will not get their charge bonus if they are in the pond itself. Each turn, every model within the pond must roll one dice to see if they stumble while wading through the pond. On a roll of one, the model falls headfirst into the pond and counts as a fallen model if charged. If the horse of the Mounted Royal Guard stumbles, the rider makes a fallen rider check. Holstrom does not need to test each turn as he has the boat to keep him from stumbling.
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