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lord of the rings games How to paint a Grey Knight Terminator!
by Flinch

Next week will see the release of the Daemonhunters Codex into the world of Warhammer 40,000. To celebrate this we have one of the miniatures that will be released along with that set, the Grey Knight Terminator! Let's get started painting this stunning miniature by priming the model Chaos Black making sure to leave off the Crest until later.

Now we'll want to cover the armor with your choice of Chainmail or Mithril Silver, the box suggests Mithril Silver, but for the shine i wanted I used Chainmail. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you want nothing but black paint on the Runes carved into his armor, so when you paint your silver color on do your best not to get any paint in the intricate designs on the armor.

Now go ahead and very lightly drybrush Shining Gold onto the runes inscribed into the armor. This is the defining detail ont he armor so do your best to keep the black underbits black as they really set the Shining Gold apart and bring out the shapes.

Now take Bleached Bone and apply it carefully to your Terminators medals, the book on his shoulder, and any other cloth bits decorating his armor. Go ahead and use your choice of terrain, for this model I did the most common terrain, Bestial Brown on the base dipped into Terrain Sand, then dotted with Goblin Green and sprinkled with Flocking Grass, followed up after it dries with a nice smooth coat of Bestial Brown along the surface of the base.

We're almost done. Ready for the headache? The crest of your Grey Knight Terminator is a very prominent detail on his armor, so whichever symbols you choose to paint on it will really make a difference in the final look of your model. I went with the same design used on the box, with a Blood Red/Skull White on the top and bottom halves of the crest then very carefully and after many times having to repaint it and start over I painted the Skull onto the red, and the Sword onto the White. Now with a little bit of highlighting as you see fit, and inscribing your text onto the Terminators arm, he is ready to cleanse the Galaxy of the Daemon threat!

Painted a miniature already? Have pictures? Send them in! We'll feature them in our Games' Workshop customs gallery! Just drop em to and we'll put the best models up for all to enjoy!


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