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The LOTR Tradeable Miniatures Game

Coming Christmas of 2003, the Lord of the Rings Tadeable Miniatures Game brings Tolkien's Middle-earth to Sabertooth Games' new Combat Hex System. Sabertooth Games is best known for their Warhammer 40,000 CCG, and most recently for WarCry, which was also designed by Ryan Miller who is filling the role of Designer for the LOTR TMG. We'll have more details for you as they develop.

10/25/03 - Sabertooth's TMG released today!
Posted by: Luthien

TODAY, the forces of Middle-earth will begin to wage war, as Sabertooth releases its long awaited The Lord of the Rings Tradeable Miniatures Game. Set in a dark time, with the forces of Saruman and Sauron ravaging the world, great heroes must lead their forces into battle against the oncoming hordes, and you can be at the center of it all!

The Lord of the Rings TMG features over 120 expertly painted miniatures, based on all of the key characters from The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. Each minature comes on its own unique base with all the information you need to play, and without the need for extensive record keeping. The TMG also features the intuitive Combat HexTM game system, which should make this game particularly fun, fast-paced and easy to learn!

The Lord of the Rings TMG is available with The Lord of the Rings Starter and booster sets. For more details, go here! And remember, after you've tried out this game, send us your thoughts, comments and reviews to

Rules and FAQ available online
An Article by: Balin

Complete rules, tournament rules, checklist and FAQ are now available on Sabertooth Games' Lord of the Rings TMG website. [Sabertooth Games]

LOTR Tradable Miniatures Game Site Goes Live
An Article by: Balin

Sabertooth Games new Tradable Miniatures Game Site has gone live. Check out this new exciting tabletop game. Among the things you will find here are the rules for the new game. [More] [Sabertooth Games]

PREVIEW: A Visit to Sabertooth Games
An Article by: Flinch

This week I had the joy of traveling to Seattle, WA, to learn about a very exciting new Tradeable Miniatures Game based in Tolkien's Middle-earth that's slated to hit stores shortly before Return of the King. Take a read through our preview, and don't forget to check out the above images. [More]

LOTR Tradable Miniatures Game Site Goes Live
PREVIEW: A Visit to Sabertooth Games

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