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Elendor MUSH

Review by Smaug:

Where do I start to describe the beauty of this MUSH (Multi User Simultaneous Hallucination, a variation on a mud)? This piece of art transcends text based Tolkien gaming. This is what role playing games are supposed to be. This game isn't for the faint of heart or the new user. This IS a hallucination. In Elendor, you don't just pick a race then go out and hack and slash for points. This is role playing required. A lot of fights are "Acted" out rather than using a system. While there is a system, it's not used as often as most multi user text based games. You can choose from a variety of different races, then you have to join a community. My time on this beautiful creation is spent as an Orc, based in Mordor. From there, I had to pick a garrison of Orcs to join, in which I chose Minas morgue. I now am basically a slave snag Orc, fresh out of the pits hoping to suck up enough and not be eaten by a troll (yes I’m serious) to survive to a real fighting' machine. As stated above role playing is required here and it is very heavy. Take heed, you might see some R-rated action here (Especially if you're becoming an Orc). The admin. and players alike are very friendly and very helpful... out of character. In character some may be dense Orcs such as myself, or even uncaring Nazgul. But note, this game doesn't stop at Orcs! There are elves hobbits, dwarves, and humans also each with their own communities and lands, so don't take my word for it, try it yourself. This extremely accurate MUSH is my favorite so far, and even though I plan to do many more reviews of other MUDs and mush's and the like, but, I have a feeling this one will remain the prodigal. My applause, appreciation, and love go out to the people who made this game. Thank You! This mush is recommended for more mature, veteran role-players/mudders. Newbies beware. Start out on Mordor. When it's all said and done, this MUSH gets 5 out of 4 claws.

port: 1893

As always use zmud!

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