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Lord Mud

Review by Smaug:

Oh where shall I start on reviewing this monstrosity of a MUD? Must I? Alas I must. I felt compelled to chunk my computer across the room playing this MUD, every time I logged on the lag was horrible! There is hardly anyone on and I've yet to see a immortal, at least an immortal that actually was available! The mud doesn't go by the map at all and is truly frightening. It does have a good newbie training zone I will admit that, but even the npc's (computer controlled characters) in it were too repetitive to bear. As I walked through the world as much as I could stand with the ferocious lag it was barren, hardly any NPC's. It felt like I was playing Circle Mud (the base mud for a lot of games) with just a mask on. Not to mention you only start out with 2 practice points, you can't learn one thing superbly! There's a horribly long penalty wait for casting a spell, and then you have to type the spell within ''s which proves how ancient its coding is. Be wary of this one my friends. Stay away! One claw and a face full of dragon's breathe to lord MUD.

If for some horrible reasonyou want to connect to this beast:
port: 5000

As always use zmud!

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