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Review by Smaug:

Mordor is a great new MUD that's still under construction. It is very user friendly and easy to get started off on. The training school and the arena are fantastic, although not a new idea for a MUD. You can choose between 5 class orders to start off as. Cleric, Mage, Thief, Warrior, and the Ranger. The unique idea behind this though is that you gain experience points by killing monsters and the like, then trade the experience in at a guildmaster for a level, and choose which class you want to put that level towards. A truly fun Idea. The layout and zones of the MUD are true-to-Tolkien. They are laid out exactly Middle Earth is laid out in his maps. While it doesn't really reflect the actual story line of LOTR, it still feels like you ARE in middle earth. The only real beef I have with the mud is it's ansi color, but I won't take credit off, because I don't like most mud's ansi color. The descriptions are wonderful and the immortals are VERY friendly, and not stuck up (like most MUDs). The players are willing to help out a fellow adventurer in need. It also contains a very neat quest system. Request a quest then complete it, and you get rewarded quest points, which can be redeemed for special items. While under construction and a few little tweaks needed this is still a great MUD, Tolkien would be proud. My rating system is as follows: . 4 claws to firmly shake the hand of the creator of the MUD in praise, One claw to rip the throat out of the person who created the pile of dragon fodder. Mordor MUD receives my highest honor. A privilege from the great Smaug! 4 claws up and my thanks to Morgoth for creating a great MUD.

To connect to Mordor:
port: 4000

Download Z-Mud a mud client (and Smaug's preffered client) from

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