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Two Tower MUD

Review by Berendir:

The Two Towers is a mud which takes place in the years of the War of the Ring. It’s very fun to play, and offers a great variety of game play. Unlike many other games you can make a choice at character creation to be good, or evil. If good you are given a list of good races, such as Dunedain, Elf, Dwarf, and many others. If evil you are given races such as Olog-hai, Numenorean (Dark Numenoreans), Trolls, Orcs, and more. Every race has its advantages and disadvantages, as in other games.

If your evil you begin your adventures in Mordor, near a mission tent. You can adventure around Mordor, and the rest of the world, or choose to take on missions. There are many of them to choose from, and if you fail at a mission, you loose experience and a level, and if you succeed, you grow stronger. If you choose to be a good character you wind up in your native lands. A Dwarf in a Dwarven Kingdom, and a Dunedain in Bree. It’s all very accurate to Middle Earth, especially for a MUD.

The experience system was very simple, you kill things and complete missions, you get more attributes. The skills system is a bit more complicated, You choose a profession by getting trained by someone, and you can learn four skills very well. You can also learn four random skills to a far less degree. This makes sure there aren’t incredible Mages who are expert sword fighters, but also allows for variations of characters.

Using Smaug’s system of rating games I’ll give the Two Towers Mud a three claws up. It doesn’t get the fourth because the experience system could be better, and its difficult to get involved in the game, at least it was for me. However its a unique MUD, and definitely worth a try. Theres also a Java connect option at the site.

port: 9999

As always use zmud!

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