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Game Reviews
Here you will find reviews of current LOTR or Fantasy related titles in the gaming world. Who better to give a thumbs up or down to these games then the folks at Gaming Havens!

Codex: Daemonhunters - by Flinch 11/21/02
Games Workshop's latest addition to their Warhammer 40,000 series.
The Two Towers Tabletop Battle Game - by Flinch 11/21/02
Games Workshop's Miniature Series based on Peter Jackson's films.
The Fellowship of the Ring for PS2 - by Lao of Gondor 10/23/02
The PS2 Literary Adaptation of the Fellowship of the Ring.
The Two Towers for PS2 - by Flinch 10/21/02
Bringing Peter Jackson's film epic to your PS2.
The Fellowship of the Ring for XBox - by PipeSmoke 10/04/02
XBox title based on the literary words of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Hero's Journey - by Berendir 02/02/00
Hero's Journey is a game currently being developed by Simutronics. It looks to be a great roleplaying game with cutting edge grahpics, definitely worth checking out.
Elendor MUSH - by Smaug 01/25/00
Thought by Smaug to be the best MUSH he's try'd to this date. This MUSH is for the more experienced role player.
Beleriand MUSH - by Smaug 01/25/00
Has some great ideas and descriptions, though it isn't a very populated MUSH yet.
Two Towers MUD - by Berendir 12/20/99
A fun and interesting MUD, which offers versatile role playing of both good and evil characters.
Lord MUD - by Smaug 12/04/99
Come see why Smaug thinks this to be perhaps the worst game he's ever had the misfortune of finding.
Mordor MUD - by Smaug 12/04/99
A great Middle Earth MUD. Its easy to get into and better for player who are new to MUDS.
Middle-Earth Online - by Berendir 11/22/99
A major online game being developed by Sierra, which is currently on hold due to restaffing of the Development team.
NeverWinter - by Berendir 11/22/99
A very promising game in development, based on D&D where you can build your own worlds and modules to roleplay in.
World Forge - by Berendir 11/22/99
A Game currently in development where it will be possible to work with others to build your own world on line.

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